First off Jasper & I would like to thank you.

You can choose gear from all over the world but you have chosen Drillers Club which means the world to us & those who are in need.

If you are not familiar with our Hand In Need Campaign it is something we have given our word to. The promise that we will always take proceeds from our clothing to help a family or a hand from our oilfield family that is going through a rough time & needs some help from proceeds raised here. This is something we strongly believe in & are doing what we can to give back.

All sales above & beyond go back into new designs to keep the cycle of great gear made by the hands to keep giving back. With your help this allows the Job Board to stay up & running which has employers posting real jobs for our members. 

Our goal is to help as many as we can, we are nothing without your help. Thank you.  Please read below to see who we are currently supporting as well as those who we have helped in the past with your help..

We For The Hands By The Hands

~Red Rocking Rig~


 Sadly, Andy suddenly passed away while working overseas to support his family. Andy was a loving husband to Shanna & exceptional father to two young boys and two twin baby girls. Andy enjoyed spending his time home with his family snowmobiling/snowboarding, dirt biking, watching/going to Oilers games and so much more.

Andy was a true rigger. He loved his job; he enjoyed teaching and learning from the professionals in the industry. While he said multiple times that he had considered changing his career path away from rigging, he went back for one last hitch...

We will miss you Andy! We can't imagine what Shanna and your family are going through. Oilfield workers take care of their own and we know you'd do the same to help out any fellow oilfield hand.




Abram was his nickname and was new to the oilfield. He was lead tong hand on the rig & his fellow workers said he was always the hardest worker with the best attitude. He was always so positive and motivated, he never had anything bad to say. All he ever talked about was his fiance and son and how much he loved them and wanted to give them more and a better life.

He was driving home on Halloween night to see his fiance and son who is about 2. It appears he may have crashed into the center divider and was ejected from his vehicle. He was found dead on scene. Nothing meant more to him than his family and he was just trying to get home to them. For this reason Drillers Club needs your help to reach this goal. The memorial is this coming Friday. They're going to scatter his ashes at Port OConner, as he loved fishing.