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Make Him A Drama Teacher Again Fitted Hats.

Folks were asking we make these. So here they are. A must have hat!

This hat you can choose which color you want used in design.

Choose the hat size / style you like best.

Then message us bottom right bubble or add the color choices at check out in the special instructions section when you order that hat / hats. 

We will add the custom color you like. By default we will stick with Bright White. 

Colors to choose from are listed here:

  1. Bright White
  2. White
  3. Pink
  4. Light Green
  5. Dark Green
  6. Light Blue
  7. Dark Blue
  8. Yellow
  9. Red
  10. Orange
  11. Bronze / Copper
  12. Brown
  13. Silver
  14. Grey
  15. Black

We have this hat in two styles. Both styles are fitted hats with no snap back. 

First option is the Flex Fit line: Two sizes SM / MED & LG / XL

Second option is the premium Richardson UFORM: Two sizes SM / MED & LG / XL

Richardson has moisture management technology & allows for a "UFORM" which means you can leave straight brim or curve it to your liking. Very nice hat. 

Select the UFORM option & we will put design on for you (as it shows blank on option).

Order 2 or more? Free Shipping for additional items above the original. Check it out

Make sure you get yours today! As you will love it.